Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices Webinar

There is a new requirement for medical device companies selling into the European market, called the Medical Device Regulation, or MDR. This new regulation places a focus on the supply chain, meaning suppliers in the industry must have a good understanding of the new regulation in order to do business. Problems arise when the supplier fails to take the necessary steps to understand and implement MDR requirements.

Medical devices require high levels of technical performance, and the right partner is crucial for meeting those requirements. It isn’t uncommon for component suppliers to be unable to evaluate their products’ performance within a system.

The right supplier can help with infrastructure which can make components traceable and increase transparency throughout the supply chain to meet market demands.

Additionally, they can support with expertise to achieve modern cleanroom production to prevent contamination of liquids or other media

Find out how suppliers can help medical device makers achieve MDR compliance in the on-demand webinar.


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