Reduced Downtime with Gas Chromatograph Maintainable Module

Gas chromatographs (GCs) are used in natural gas custody transfer metering applications to measure the various hydrocarbon components. An analytical module inside the GC can become contaminated and require replacement. The traditional GC uses disposable analytical modules which are wasteful and expensive.

This quick 1:38 YouTube video, The Maintainable Module of Rosemount 370XA Gas Chromatograph, shows how this innovative analytical module is replaceable and rebuildable. You replace the existing module with another and either rebuild it yourself or have Emerson experts rebuild it for you.

This compact Maintainable Module includes the columns, thermal conductivity detector (TCD), analytical valves, and solenoids, all within a single enclosure. If the Maintainable Module needs repair, a technician can quickly and easily replace it in the field without causing major interruptions or delays. Once the replacement module has been properly installed and is back online, the GC will self-validate and calibrate before automatically switching to Analysis mode.

This replace and rebuild process streamlines maintenance and reduces downtime. This grows in importance based on the number of Rosemount 370XA GCs that you have.

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