Efficient Single-Phase Vapor Regulation in Gas Chromatograph Applications

At the Emerson Exchange Americas Virtual Series, Emerson’s Allison Reiter and Ryan Kirchner shared ways to optimize sample conditioning using TESCOM vaporizing regulators. Here is their presentation’s abstract:

Achieving superior sample quality by properly conditioning the sample stream upstream of your GC [Gas Chromatograph]

After introductions, Allison described what a gas chromatograph (GC) does. It performs separation and analysis of individual compounds in a process stream. It is used in refining, chemicals, gas processing and other industries where components of a fluid need to be measured. This information is used to control the process and quality of what is being produced.

Allison shared an application diagram for a gas chromatograph:

Ryan noted some of the common pain points in these systems are poor sample quality, lack of installation flexibility, lack of integrated monitoring capabilities and heater selection & sizing difficulties. These challenges make it difficult to trust the analytical results.

The TESCOM 44-6800 Series Vaporizing Regulator solution provides electrically heated or steam heated efficient heat transfer to send the GC a single-phase vapor. The non-linear flow path through the vaporizing regulator provides more efficient heat transfer.

From an installation flexibility standpoint, these vaporizing regulators address temperature limitation and physical space limitation with remote mounting of electrical housing. These retain hazardous location certifications with decoupled electrical housing and regulator bodies.

Local and remote monitoring are available through local LED display and remote temperature monitoring and data acquisition.

Heater selection and sizing is simplified with a single heater wattage option capable of handling different compositions and PID controller minimizes undershoot and overshoot effects for more steady control.

Visit the TESCOM 44-6800 Series Vaporizing Regulator page on Emerson.com for more on the specifications, features and documents to help you deliver more accurate analytical results.

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