Reliable Hydrogen Pressure Control for Vehicle Fuel Cells

Challenges exist across the hydrogen supply chain to enable its growing use as an energy carrier in the global energy mix. For transportation-related applications, the final stop in the chain is an energy source for fuel cells to convert hydrogen into electrical energy to drive the motors. The pressures during hydrogen flow to the fuel cell must be safely, reliably, and efficiently maintained to meet the demands placed upon the motor.

This quick 1:12 video, Hydrogen Generation for Fuel Cells, shows how TESCOM control pressure regulators provide consistent pressure and regulate the precise flow control of hydrogen to the fuel cell. The TESCOM 20-1200 series hydrogen pressure regulators are lightweight regulators designed to be used for pressure control onboard hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Visit the TESCOM 20-1200 Series Hydrogen Pressure Regulator page for specifications, features, documents & drawings to learn more, and the Hydrogen Production section on for more solutions to challenges across the hydrogen supply chain.

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