Electropneumatic Proportional Control Solutions

Emerson's Tom VothAt the Emerson Exchange America’s Virtual Series, Emerson’s Tom Voth demonstrated electropneumatic proportional solutions used for automating machines. Here is his presentation abstract:

Emerson excels at providing electropneumatic proportional solutions into Machine Automation. Get an overview of this industry leading product portfolio. The demo will provide some detail on one of the more advanced products and how various control architectures can be used to solve customers’ technical challenges.

Tom opened showing a family of proportional valves, valves modules for valve manifolds, and the SentronicHD proportional valve. He next showed the software which provides access to the PID controller in the SentronicHD valve using the ASCO Data Acquisition Software (DaS). This valve can be configured as P, PI, PD and full PID. Customers or Emerson application experts can properly tune these controls for the application.

While defaults are available for fast setup, there are many parameters for configuring and displaying information from the valve controller. The SentronicHD valve can be configured for dual-loop control of process variables such as flow, force, speed, RPM, and temperature. The valve is suitable for air ride suspension systems, analytical and diagnostic equipment, biofuels, and bottling applications.

Tom shared a customer success with a customer who had linear actuators a strain gauge and pneumatic cylinder to maintain consistent force across the load. The challenge was to keep the spike of force from a load change minimized to not cause trip conditions. The PID controller was able to help reduce the initial spike in force and maintain consistent force across the full stroke.

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