Simplifying Hazardous Location Smart LED Lighting Installation

Emerson's Edward BrannEmerson’s Edward Brann presented, Simplify Connected Lighting for Hazardous Locations with Appleton and Plantweb at the 2019 Emerson Exchange conference. Ed opened describing the evolution of hazardous area lighting. Typically standard lighting stays on 24×7 which consumes excessive energy and leads to more frequent bulb failures.

The Appleton Mercmaster, based on LED technology have motion sensing, smart communications and has a Plantweb Insight application. With these smart lights, the lights can be on only when operators are present in the area. This significantly reduces energy usage and increases the life of the lights. With the embedded communications, energy usage can be continuously monitored and gain insights into the personnel in these areas.

Ed described the Mercmaster Connect LED luminaire (light fixture) and a wireless Emerson Motion Sensor. While the luminaires each have motion sensing, the motion sensor can address gaps in the sensing footprint and coordinate all the lights in the area to come on together.

Some of the benefits of connected lighting include safe operations from dimming not turning off lighting, rebates offered from local utilities, help in meeting company sustainability goals, increase the spread of the plant WirelessHART network, and simplified training for plant personnel already familiar with the wireless network.

These LED Luminaires are rated for hazardous areas up to Class 1, Division 2. Ed showed the Plantweb Insight application which can control dimming, energy usage, diagnostics, and lighting lux levels. The diagnostics can alert for problems such as water ingress or physical damage done to the bulb. Instead of looking around the plant where lights might be out, the diagnostics report issues to the maintenance staff.

These LED lights can provide energy saving up to 90% over traditional HID (high-intensity discharge a.k.a. mercury vapor) lights. The life of the luminaires can be up to twice that of HID bulbs. One of the biggest benefits is the safety aspects of making sure the lighting is always there for plant personnel when they are in the area.

These LED luminaires with motion sensing, Motion Sensors and the Plantweb Insight application is expected to be released in mid-2020.

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