Lowering Energy Consumption with Industrial LED Lighting

We highlight many ways to reduce energy consumption here. Moving from high-intensity discharge (HID) technology to LED technology is an excellent way to lower electrical energy consumption. This quick 2:37 YouTube video, Appleton IHC LED Luminaire Overview Video, shows how these luminaires can illuminate heavy industrial facilities with harsh operating conditions and with ceiling heights of 50 feet or greater.

This lighting solution can handle high-temperature environments with a maximum ambient temperature rating of 70 °C or 158 °F. Lighting options are available in various lumen output levels (50K, 60K, 75K, 90K lumens) and four light distribution patterns (very narrow, narrow, medium, very wide) to address a wide range of applications and minimize the number of luminaires required. Lighting color temperatures range include 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K to meet a wide range of lighting specifications.

These luminaires have flexible power options, including 120 to 277VAC, 125 to 300VDC, and 277 to 480VAC, capable of dimming at 0-10 volts. Numerous mounting options are available to lower installation labor costs. Beyond the energy savings, these luminaires provide long-term reliability in high heat to lower maintenance costs.

Visit the Appleton IHC LED Luminaire page for more on these luminaires and the LED Lighting Technology section on Emerson.com for additional LED lighting solutions to address your applications.

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