Aborting phase through logic

Hi DeltaV Experts

I am operating phases through DeltaV Batch.  I have a condition(Rupture Disc) where I have to abort the Phase through logic.  For this requirement  I added a condition block to the failure monitor composite & a parameter Fl_01 to monitor this condition from a particular step in the run phase.

I wrote in calc block to move abort into Xcommand parameter. But the phase would not move to Abort Phase as I found that when operating phases through Batch executive, the owner of the phase would be DeltaV Batch & Xcommand can be written only when the Owner is external. 

Can any one guide me on how to move to aborting phase from the running phase through logic. I am using PCSD here.

Please ignore the attachment . I attached as it was not allowing me to post without attachment