Ovation DCS

Hello Everyone,
Is there any provision in Ovation DCS thru which any notification or altert can be configured if system is not in sync with NTP server timing.

  • On DBS open the command prompt and type:
    W32tm /stripchart /computer:NTP Ip address

    For example, if the NTP server IP address is, then :
    W32tm /stripchart /computer:
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    This will show the time difference between NTP and DBS
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    This window command I am using to monitor the difference between local time and NTP time.
    Pls let me know if there is any way to get notification thru altert/alarm whenever DCS system ( database server) gets out of sync from NTP server timing...
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    In this case I believe you can try to get the time using SNMP on DBS, you need the MIB file of the NTP server then mirror the time data using SNMP and copy the time to multiple packed points then compare it by building a simple logic sheet and generate the alarm on the difference, I have never did it but on paper is shall work !