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MOVICON - connecting to Rx3i + Vmax redundant system - Libray/Standard developed application available?


We are executing Movicon application interfacing PAC PLC (redundant CPL410 and Vmax IO on Profinet)

Is there standard diagnostic Movicon project/screens/objects available which, can use and modify , to show

1. CPU Mastership/Sby of Pri/Sec

2. Status animation of NIUs and IOs connected on it.

3. Port status of Profinet NIUs.

4. IO module status on each Profinet Drop.

5. Communicaiton status between PLC and MOVICON

6. Movicon Server/Client status screens (we are using redundant Movicon server and few clients connected on this server)

7. related alarm messages.

If standard libray is available, it would be helpful, else we may have to create a new one..