Remote Automation Solutions Roadmap

One of the key areas in Emerson Exchange conferences are the roadmap sessions to look at the technologies and services that have come along and a peek the future.

Emerson’s Stuart Miller led the roadmap session on remote automation solutions. He opened with an architecture looks from field devices through remote terminal units and flow computers to applications and then on to SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and PC-based tools.

Stuart described the family of gas flow computers that provide API-compliant gas measurement for single or dual meter runs. These flow computers include alarming, reporting, and event log capabilities, which provide operators with the required data to for measurement certainty and production efficiency.

He next discussed the SmartProcess Oil & Gas application suite. These include a production management suite and a transmission management suite. Much work has been done in taking a human centered design approach to simplify the use of the software applications.

The OpenEnterprise SCADA platform addresses challenges from installation and commissioning complexity and limited expertise to work with the system. AMS Suite software has been integrated into the OpenEnterprise SCADA software to provide real-time device monitoring, diagnostics and overall health.

Stuart described some of the products of the recent Energy Systems International (ESI) acquisition with a portfolio of pipeline operational management, liquids management and gas management systems.

These technologies and applications are part of three comprehensive solutions—Intelligent Wellhead, Intelligent Pipeline and Intelligent Terminal.

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