Remote Automation Solutions Joins FY14 China PwoC Tour

Remote Automation Solutions (China) welcomes FY14 Emerson Process Management China PwoC Tour in May. Our marketing and local sales team strongly supported the two PwoCs on 15 and 29 May in Chengdu and Dalian respectively.


During the PwoC, we presented our Oil and Gas Industry Solutions for the first time as a systems solution vendor, focusing on upstream production, transmission and distribution segment. The major scope covers the solution for single wellhead, multi-well pad, separation management, gathering station control, pipeline SCADA RTU system, tank farm and vehicle loading system, all of which are supported with our SCADA host software and flow computer, RTU, and preset hardware product. We also shared the latest JV shale gas development project realized via our ROC wellhead control system.


In addition, we presented our latest new technology, IEC62591 Wireless Interface for our flow computer and RTU hardware product with the features and benefits for upstream oil and gas companies. Based on the new WirelessHart standard and system architecture, we are confident to help get oil and gas production online faster and easier, cost-effectively improve the operations, maintenance and compliance, and gain better insight to the oil and gas fields to optimize production and yields. Three application solutions and three case study and analysis were also provided for sharing and discussion as well.


To give attendees the touch-on experience with our WirelessHart technology, we also brought our new WirelessHart Demos to the show for exhibition. The three types of demo are WirelessHart FloBoss107, WirelessHart ROC809, and Wireless ControlWave Micro with cables to connect the WirelessHart module to the field link 781.


The two China PwoCs were successfully held for us to meet many old friends and make new friends in the oil and gas industry. In addition, the local customers have better idea that BB RTU is Emerson product and is sold by Remote Automation Solutions. Most important of all, more and more industry people realize our new WirelessHart technology and WirelessHart Flow Computer and RTU in China market.