Remote Automation Solutions at “Performance without Compromise” Events – Baroda & Kolkata, India

May 2014

Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific held the “Performance without Compromise” (PwoC) event in Baroda and Kolkata on 25 April and 2 May 2014 respectively. 

These two events received an attendance of more than 500 key customers from EPCs, chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries.  Both events featured technology exhibitions with live, hands-on demonstrations showcasing the complete Emerson Process Management solutions.

There were 3 exhibition zones showcasing our capabilities:

Pervasive Sensing by Advanced Diagnostics

  • A trade show exhibiting how customers can enhance their process capabilities with Emerson’s best-in-class products and solutions

Distributed Experience Hub (DEH)

  • DEH acts as a collaboration platform where subject experts from Emerson’s offices worldwide work with customers to improve their processes.

Terminal Automation & Refinery Blending/Design & Project

  • Sessions on the above were conducted along with a workshop on Metal & Mining & Power.

217 key customers from EPCs, Chemicals & Petrochemicals and Petroleum industries attended the Baroda event on 25 April 2014.  Live sessions were conducted for iOps and DEH.  There were sessions for energy solutions for brown field, pervasive sensing along with others.  Workshops at the Baroda event were conducted for Design and Projects, Turnaround Services and Industrial Energy.

Remote Automation Solutions had two demo booths at the Baroda event – a wireless Wellhead demo booth with ControlWave Micro Wireless RTU with transmitters and SCADA and a product booth that showcased our range of Flow Computers and RTUs.

Remote Automation Solutions team explaining our wireless RTU and Flow Computer capabilities to customers at PwoC Baroda event

Technology Exhibition at Baroda PwoC

At the Kolkata PwoC, Remote Automation Solutions showcased our wireless RTU and Wellhead SCADA capabilities.  At our product demo booth, we exhibited the FloBoss107 Flow Computer with wireless IEC62591 interface.  Our demo booths garnered good participation from customers who enquired and shown keen interest to learn about wireless RTU with the capability of hardwire signals.  

307 key customers from EPCs, Power, Metals and Petroleum industries attended this PwoC Kolkata event on 2 May 2014.  Live sessions were conducted for iOps and DEH.  Sessions on solutions were conducted for metals industry and pervasive sensing along with others.  Workshops at the Kolkata event were conducted for Design and Projects, Terminal Automation & Refinery Blending, Power & Industrial Energy and Technology Exhibition.

Kolkata PwoC – ControlWave Micro Wireless RTU and SCADA with Wellhead solutions

Customers interacting with Remote Automation Solutions team on Wellhead and Wireless RTUs solutions