Movicon™︎ SCADA/HMI Reduces Engineering Time and Costs for Italian Packaging Machine Builder

For machine builders and systems integrators, anything they can do to simplify their engineering, speed their time to market and differentiate themselves to customers is a significant win. Here’s a brief case study from Emerson customer, Kosme s.r.l. that designs and manufactures a broad range of industrial packaging and beverage machines. Kosme R&D had determined to develop a  supervisory system to use in its machines and wanted to standardize on a single open solution that would help to reduce engineering time and provide a unified approach that simplified training its employees and testing. They also wanted a system that would allow them to create user interfaces with rich graphics and highly intuitive functions for their customers.

Kosme engineers settled on Emerson’s Movicon SCADA/HMI platform to develop its supervisory system because it met the company’s modularity, potentiality and cost requirements. In addition, the Movicon platform’s deployment flexibility was fundamental to Kosme’s strategy of building systems based on both Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded. The first use of Movicon software was for an HMI project to provide visualization on a packaging line based on its modular Flypack shrinkwrapper machine, which included a product compacter unit, wrapping unit and heat shrinker tunnel.

For this and other machines, the Movicon XML projects were ideal and fit nicely with the need for a graphical interface and functions both for Win32 and WinCE. This meant no compilation or exportation and therefore was much easier and cheaper to run. Movicon software also provides ready-to-use solutions which have allowed Kosme to satisfy all types of customer requests. These include support for dynamic language change in any project string type and character, user and password protection management compliant with FDA CFR21 Part 11 regulations, and important alarm notifications by SMS or email. A range of optional functions can also be enabled using existing licenses without requiring additional installations or modifications to projects. Features that have been very beneficial include trackers, production reporting and statistics, and the Movicon Web Client technology that enables secure authorized access to the HMI system using any internet browser.

Movicon has outperformed previous SCADA solutions Kosme had used in terms of technology, service and system costs. Planning, management and maintenance costs are also lower. Movicon’s openness and modularity have made it safe and low-cost to implement and operate, ensuring a fast return on investment. A member of the R&D engineering team stated, “Project modularity is an important factor. By using the Movicon platform, projects can be centralized or distributed, allowing us to deploy fewer resources to planning and maintenance of our various machines.”

Read this case study in full here and learn how Movicon can help in your application.

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