Time Sensitive Data From Anywhere, Anytime – Tereos Case Study

 Like many food production companies around the globe, each growing season is very limited, and every machine needs to be monitored to be kept in perfect health to make the most of each window in time. And since time is the enemy of a successful production season it’s also why it’s so important to have clear visibility to all remotely located assets in the field, over countries, and across oceans. Knowing exactly what is or is not happening in the field can be from literally – anywhere and at any time can make or break your season.

Imagine being able to monitor your critical machines from anywhere in the world, even from four countries and two oceans away. This level of access could be the key to maintaining your profit margins and saving your season. The right technology can provide this level of control and insight.

But getting started can seem overwhelming and even impossible when thinking of all the other, far more pressing issues you deal with day-to-day just to keep things going. You have lots of ‘fires’ to put out every day, and although you realize the right tech in place could, of course, help with all that, just finding the time to investigate your digital options doesn’t exactly feel like an option. Instead, it gets quickly put on your back burner for some other time; maybe next off-season when you can catch up on all the other lists of things to do you always have rolling, or maybe not.

>When you do make the time, probably the most important factor to consider is the partner you choose to work with; sure, you need the latest and greatest technology to be able to grow into the future company you are dreaming about becoming, and of course, you need to have all the most secure measures in place for your data, and you also need to be sure all that data is able to be utilized because you of all people certainly know too much data doesn’t really mean anything at all if the right people, in the right roles, aren’t getting only what they need to make faster, more accurate and stronger business decisions; Afterall, that is the whole point of technology – to enable your people to help you, while spending less, producing more and setting your company up for years of sustainable growth.

 Read this Case Study about how we helped Tereos with improved visibility and security to critical machine health with monitoring through data analytics.

The Tereos cooperative group, a union of 11,200 cooperative members, has recognized know-how in the processing of beet, sugarcane, alfalfa, and cereals. Through 43 industrial sites, a presence in 15 countries, and the commitment of its 15,800 employees, Tereos supports its customers close to their markets with a broad and complementary range of products.

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