Improving Reliability through Predictive Maintenance

For process manufacturers and producers, reliability directly impacts safety, performance, and efficiency. As technologies continue to advance, predictive maintenance methods couple with improved work processes help to improve the reliability of process operations.

Emerson's Jacob Swafford

Emerson's Robert Skeirik

This Thursday, September 24 at 2pm EDT, Plant Services Editor in Chief Thomas Wilk hosts a webinar on Predictive Maintenance. The webinar features Emerson’s Jacob Swafford and Robert Skeirik. They will share their ideas on industry drivers for remotely monitoring machinery conditions as well as new ways of reaching actionable information.

Jacob and Robert will address some of the applicable industrial standards around wireless sensing devices used in machinery condition monitoring and aspects around security, reliability, interoperability, and installation versatility for wireless asset monitoring.

The fall in prices in many industries including oil & gas and mining has led to shift in focus from capital expenditure (CAPEX) spending for additional capacity to operational expenditure (OPEX) spending to optimize existing processes. New business models are emerging to shift strategies from being product-focused to outcome focused with more collaboration between producers and suppliers along the supply chain.

WirelessHART-architectureThese trends mean that suppliers are providing not only technologies, but also services such as condition monitoring services to help process manufacturers and producers improve overall reliability. Jacob will share some results where these technologies and services have been successfully applied.

Robert will share the architectures and industry standards around wireless asset monitoring sensors and devices. He will compare the WirelessHART and ISA100 wireless standards from several standpoints including architecture, security, interoperability (transmit, interpret, display), industry adoption, implementation, communications synchronization, data types, and frequency banding.

Register for the webinar to understand better how to incorporate predictive maintenance and condition monitoring services as part of your reliability improvement initiatives.

You can also connect and interact with other reliability and maintenance experts in the Reliability & Maintenance group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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