Guardian Digital Experience is an Evolution in Support

The Emerson Exchange Users’ Conference is all about Emerson users, and perhaps no session better exemplified that sentiment than the Transformation of Guardian presentation on day three. Nina Golder, vice president of Emerson’s Lifecycle Services, shared with the audience that user feedback, requests, and experiences are all behind Guardian’s current evolution from a service portal to a comprehensive digital experience.

Nina shared a roadmap detailing how users will continue to find the same best-in-class product support from Guardian (with some new improvements, too), but will now also seamlessly and proactively manage subscriptions and have the ability to personalize their interaction with lifecycle software and services.

The change is built on a foundation of feedback Emerson has received from Guardian users across the years. As Nina explained,

“Business consumers have had a huge increase in the desire to self-service. We’re also hearing that members want to be able to access product expertise from the products themselves. There is a desire to be able to access expertise more quickly.”

The new Guardian Digital Experience will incorporate updates based on this feedback to provide users a single interface for all their support needs. Nina outlined the four pillars her team is using to drive this evolution.

The four pillars of the Guardian Digital Experience

A more streamlined, secure experience

First, the Guardian digital experience will offer a secure and streamlined user experience. Cybersecurity is at the heart of everything. Multi-factor authentication will drive security while single sign-on will help users save time.

Upon login, users instantly see dashboards with intuitive health scores and KPIs. They can click through any item on the dashboard to directly access the associated product, such as AMS Machine Works, to see more detailed data.

A look at the latest and greatest

Nina also provided a sneak peak at some new technologies that will be added to the Guardian Digital Experience. All these technologies are available now and will soon be accessible through Guardian:

DeltaVTm Predictive Maintenance: Monitor the condition of system health parameters 24×7, alerting users before asset failure and providing actionable advice to identify root cause and solve problems quickly.

DeltaV Simulation Cloud: Create and maintain digital twins in the cloud, increasing flexibility and ease of collaboration while reducing costs and eliminating the footprint of physical equipment.

Integrated Patch Management: More easily manage DeltaV and Windows patches, receiving critical information such as patch criticality and whether a new update requires a reboot.

All your subscriptions in one place

Many Emerson customers have a wide array of Emerson systems, so unsurprisingly, users have been asking for a way to manage all their software from one location. The new Guardian Digital Experience will oblige, providing one centralized location where users can manage everything from one place. Nina explained,

“You log on, choose the systems, activate your licenses, and download installers to your systems all in one place, increasing efficiency and productivity. Users can also review and modify software subscriptions.”

For example, users can easily click through to AMS Machine Works to modify the number of users, tags, or devices on demand.

Product support and expertise—built in

Users are more comfortable than ever with navigating online systems to find answers to their questions—if those systems are robust and intuitive. In fact,

“Nearly 24% of support calls can be handled just through search functionality.”

So, the Guardian Digital Experience has been designed with intuitive search features in mind. New search capability has been designed for search across many different contexts including documentation, user calls, questions from other Guardian users and more to streamline search.

In addition, new features bring more product expertise to Guardian. One of these new solutions is MicroTrainings: short, engaging, instructional-style training videos to help users increase skills when and where they desire.

Make it your own

Everyone’s equipment, software selection, KPIs, and support needs are different, so the Guardian Digital Experience makes it easy to personalize user dashboards for fast access to the features each user accesses most. Nina elaborated on the benefits of granular customization,

“Improvement happens when you take action. You can achieve better outcomes if your dashboard is customized to the actions you want to drive.”

Incorporating AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way software supports users, and the Guardian Digital Experience is no exception. Guardian will soon use AI tools to learn from user questions to recommend trainings, videos, knowledgebase articles, products, and more to help users improve their skillsets and solve problems more quickly.

And that same built-in intelligence will help users get the most out of their Guardian experience wherever they may be. Coupled with an improved mobile interface, the new software will let users access their support network from anywhere, with personalized notifications delivered to their mobile device.

Here to help

It’s constant feedback from users that enables Emerson to build strong support networks like the Guardian Digital Experience, and here at Exchange, users have been providing that feedback all week. If you’re here in Grapevine, be sure to check out Guardian in the Exhibition Hall today. And if not, be sure to follow the Emerson Automation Experts blog for regular updates on what is happening!

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