Growing Complexity in Power Grids

The Ovation Users Group Conference kicked off today in Pittsburgh, PA. Emerson’s Jaime Foose and Morgan Lewis presented, When Thermals and Renewables Collide: Meeting the Challenges of an Evolving Power Market.

Morgan opened by noting how over the next decade and beyond, the shift to a more diversified energy portfolio is expected to materially accelerate. For energy companies, increased scrutiny from investors, regulators has raised awareness in the public sphere drawing even more attention.

As utilities drive to Net Zero goals, operational complexity is growing dramatically. Investors, activists and economics are driving towards increased renewable energy penetration into the power market. However, thermal and renewable will have to coexist to meet demand.

Power grid trends & challenges

Some of the Emerson portfolio that will help address these operational complexity challenges, including:

  • Ovation Green will be the platform to solve your renewable energy control and renewable energy asset management, monitoring and optimization needs.
  • Ovation Grid Edge will address more complicated, forcing control down to a more localized level.
  • Remote Operations: As renewable energy generation becomes widespread, being able to manage those assets remotely will be key to success.
  • Advanced Analytics technology to enable deeper operational insights to cut down on maintenance and focus on Key KPI’s.

Visit the Ovation section on for more information on this innovative control platform embodying Emerson’s five decades of power and water expertise.

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