• 12 Feb 2021

    Implementing Strong Cybersecurity Best Practices Reduces Cyber Risks

    The importance of cybersecurity has escalated in response to remote work brought on by the global pandemic. Increased connectivity requires organizations to digitally transform operations to support a more sustainable, safer and healthier future. The recent intrusion at the City of Oldsmar water treatment system in Florida underscores the importance of having a strong cybersecurity posture. Periodic reviews of cyber...
    • 2 Feb 2021

    Ovation Digital Twin Technology

    At the Emerson Exchange Americas Virtual Series, Emerson’s Shen Zhang and James Thompson shared an update on Ovation Digital Twin technology . Here is their presentation abstract: This session will provide an introduction to Ovation embedded simulation then step through what’s needed to develop a plant-specific simulator. An overview of new advanced models and simulation tools will also be provided. James opened...
    • 1 Feb 2021

    Latest Ovation Release Improves Performance, Simplifies Troubleshooting and Provides Added Protections

    Emerson’s industry-leading Ovation platform integrates digitally transformative software and technologies into a unified system that helps customers tackle their toughest challenges. Rick Kephart , Emerson’s vice president of technology for the power and water industries, describes how we continue to evolve the Ovation platform by developing and delivering the automation scalability and flexibility sought by our customers...
    • 1 Jan 2021

    Welcome to Emerson Automation Experts Podcasts

    Visit our podcast subscription page to subscribe with your favorite podcast player. The post Welcome to Emerson Automation Experts Podcasts appeared first on the Emerson Automation Experts blog.
    • 27 Aug 2020

    Modern, Digital Technologies are Critical to Reliable, Clean Water

    A key topic on the mind of attendees at Emerson’s 2020 Ovation Users’ Group Conference water/wastewater industry panel was how technology can help with the influx of new challenges facing water management plants. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a glimpse of the many challenges organizations must overcome as they continue to reliably provide clean water no matter what is happening in the world. Using technology...
    • 25 Aug 2020

    Focus on Reliability and Performance to Drive Competitive Advantage

    A common power industry theme at the 2020 Ovation Users’ Group Conference has been the many challenges organizations experience in a shifting environment. The need for maintaining reliability and compliance and avoiding obsolescence remain, yet organizations also face new complexity. Power generators are juggling an additional set of requirements associated with high utilization, daily cycling operation, and the need...
    • 24 Aug 2020

    Ovation Users’ Group – Pandemic Challenges and Shift Toward Renewables Drives Digitalized Control and Centralization

    The challenges associated with a shift toward renewables and maintaining business continuity during a global pandemic have resulted in new opportunities that have been a constant topic among attendees at Emerson’s 2020 Ovation Users’ Group Conference . Customers are meeting these challenges with bold ideas and expansive projects focused on digital technologies, centralized operations, secure connectivity, and better...
    • 20 Aug 2020

    Ovation Users’ Group – Cybersecurity, Customer Service and Flexible Deployment Strategies Drive Improved Operations and Performance

    Day two of the Ovation Users’ Group Conference saw speakers focusing on the importance of cybersecurity in driving better operations across the power and water industries. Hyperconnectivity challenges cybersecurity Many organizations already maintain protection and prevention but haven’t focused on detection, which is critical to keeping protection up to date. Robert Lee , chief executive officer of Dragos shared...
    • 18 Aug 2020

    Ovation Users’ Group – Creating Opportunities Through Digital Transformation

    Emerson’s 2020 Ovation Users’ Group Conference opened with Bob Yeager , president of power & water solutions, providing an update on the power and water landscape in our rapidly changing world. Bob opened with a look at how interaction and routines have drastically shifted in ways beyond our control, both in life and in business. One of the primary ways this change has manifested has been through a shift toward digital...
    • 15 Jun 2020

    Improved Operations for Water and Wastewater Producers

    A vital business for every community is the water and wastewater utility. Providing safe, reliable water to consumers and businesses and safely treating wastewater is paramount for the health of the community. In a Water & Wastes Digest (WWD) video interview, The Benefits of Automation for Water & Wastewater Utilities , Emerson’s Pete Gabor highlights the role of automation in accomplishing this important mission....