Shifting Toward Real-Time Predictive Manufacturing

Last week we shared a post about the COP24 conference and the need for more sustainable manufacturing. Emerson’s Chris Hamlin also attended this conference held in Poland in early December. In an Energetyka 24 video interview, Chris explained how we are now undergoing a huge, transformative shift where data and information are available almost anywhere you want it, in whatever quantity you need, at almost zero cost.

These technology advancements mean that manufacturers can fundamentally change the way they run their manufacturing operations. Instead of current practices of reacting to emerging conditions in the process, experts can now watch conditions in real time with advanced analytics to help assess what might occur.

With predictions of what might occur available to experts no matter where they are located, solutions to avoid emerging abnormal conditions can be developed and implemented with the plant operations staff before unsafe or unplanned downtime occurs.

Chris shared additional perspectives from COP24 in a LinkedIn post, COP a Look at This! He noted:

We are proposing that this [resource efficiency] metric be used to consistently drive trans-national policy, national legislation & regulation and real-time monitoring of manufacturing – guiding the day-to-day activities of factory and plant personnel. Bringing a new perspective and formalism to Life Cycle Analysis, and in combination with the extensive work already being done around the Circular Economy, there is real hope and optimism that the engineering and technical challenges associated with climate change mitigation can be resolved.

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