Micro Motion™︎ G-Series: Precision in a Compact Package

Over many years working with end users who are trying to solve challenging flow measurement problems, I’ve often suggested that a Coriolis mass flow meter is exactly the technology solution needed, but in some cases an alternative is preferred for a variety of reasons.

Just to review, let’s mention a few of the reasons why Micro Motion Coriolis Mass Flow Meters are so versatile in many straightforward and difficult applications:

  • Native mass flow measurement, making it excellent for gases as well as liquids
  • Able to determine density
  • Exceptionally high accuracy and wide turn-down range, suitable for custody transfer
  • Scalable across a huge range of pipe sizes and flows
  • Supports Smart Meter verification.

And there are more reasons. So what is the new development with the Micro Motion G-Series? How do these sooth end user pain points? That’s the topic of my article at automation.com, Ultracompact Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Provide Accessibility to Coriolis Technology with Lower Capital Cost.

Although Coriolis meters don’t require upstream or downstream straight pipe runs as with many other flow measurement technologies, some models have a larger footprint than volumetric devices, limiting their use in confined spaces. Therefore, one challenge is reducing the size and weight of Coriolis flow meters, while maintaining high accuracy and reliability.

Newer designs, such as the Emerson Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis Flow and Density Meters, address the size issue, for example with a face-to-face dimension for a 1-inch line size model of less than 12 inches. These are the most compact dual-tube Coriolis mass flow meters on the market, providing the same level of quality and reliability as standard designs, but in a much smaller and lighter form factor.

So there’s the size solution, and the G-Series covers pipe sizes from ¼ inch to 3 inch, so it can handle a wide variety of applications.

But what about cost? This is harder to quantify generally, since it depends on so many factors, but if you’ve been holding off making a decision on a given application, or you think that Coriolis units are just too costly, it’s probably time to reconsider this option.

Coriolis mass flow meters have long been used when high accuracy, long-term reliability and installation flexibility were required, but in some instances their relatively high capital cost and large size as compared to traditional technologies have limited use. Newer designs address these and other issues, opening up additional areas and applications where they can be applied to advantage.

For more information, visit Emerson’s Flow Measurement Systems pages at Emerson.com. You can also connect and interact with other engineers at the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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