Important news in the LNG world

I have found a very interesting information in the Internet, about LNG investments that will drive the market in the next years.

 Teekay GP LLC, an important company active in LNG MARITIME TRANSPORT( $ 12 BILLIONS ASSET ) and listed at NYSE (NYSE: TGP) has decided to put in action a buyback program for $100 million of Teekay LNG common units, to be repurchased in the open market.

You can find here the full press release.

This buyback program will allow to anticipate the consignment of new ships to create long term value for share holders.

The importance for Emerson is related to investments in LNG, where we can play an important role for:

- Ship loading and undloading

- Gassification

- Consumptions

I'm working to higlight on the different applications the Emerson solutions and value we can provide. In my following articles, I will explain, application by application, the advantages that, based upon our experience, we can grant.