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LNG Market

LNG market is growing, and is the fastest growing gas supply source with a demand CAGR of 4%. In 2035 1/3 of world total gas supply will be from LNG with Asia accounting for 55% of the total demand.

25-35 more countries expected to import LNG by 2040 adding a total to the demand.

Forecast gas demand in Europe in 2035 is expected to be in a range from 540-570 bcm- Contribution of LNG will become more and more important ( 25%+ ).

 All is because of new market price dynamic , environmental protection regulations and last but not least the recent policy developments by the EU Commission regarding “Strategy for LNG and Storage” have called for the specific storage, distribution and use of LNG in Europe to meet energy security 

Historically LNG has been traded based on large scale / long terms contract ; the market shows a constant increase of spot/short terms contract and small scale increases significantly. As a consequence, the LNG New Services Inventory offered by Terminal Operators is expanding.

This increasing trading transactions drive need for Dynamic and Accurate LNG measurement : so the Measurement Custody Transfer demand increases, to comply with CT Intl rules and minimize financial risks.

Emerson is fully committed to the whole LNG Market and business chain , from gas extraction till distribution.