Several Factors That Influence Oil Purification Efficiency

According our experiences, there are four main factors that will affect oil filtration efficiency, namely,the working conditions, the filter media material & structure, the oil’s viscosity, and the fluid flow rates and processing pressure.

The Working Conditions
Mechanical vibration and pump pulsations are inevitable part of equipment working. These oscillations can dislocate solid contaminants from piping and filter element and allow the particles to re enter the oil flow. Therefore, for transformer oil treatment which requires high pureness, vibration level is better below 4 mm/s rms.

The Filter Media Material & Structure
Filter media can be fabric, paper or synthetic, each has it’s special features. The structure of filter also has a significant impact on oil purification efficiency. A poorly constructed filter is easily damaged and eventually collapse under high speed oil flow.

The Oil's Viscosity
It is widely acknowledged that processing high viscosity oil with fine filter media will be difficult, and since the fluid viscosity varies with oil temperature, we can heat the oil before filtration, so the viscosity will drop and filtration will be easier and more efficient. Keep in mind, forcing high viscosity oil to pass an inappropriate filter will get it damaged.

The Fluid Flow Rates & Processing Pressure
Filters are designed to stand certain pressure, and if the pressure goes too high, it might cause deformation and separation of the filter element pleats. To compromise pressure caused by high speed flow, you can choose large bore and long stroke cartridges that will decompress.

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2 Replies

  • Interesting topic, thanks for sharing!

    Will moisture in oil also effect oil filter efficiency? In my observation, if water content is high, the oil will become difficult to process.

  • In reply to Jack Allen:

    Yes, Jack. if the oil is severely contaminated with water, especially when the oil becomes emulsified state, then no doubt filtration efficiency will be affected.  Because emulsified oil has higher viscosity, and need special treatment before filtration.