Low Oil Prices Driving Need for More Efficient Production

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I was over in Houston to check in on the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) these past few days. If you’ve never been, it’s absolutely massive and show the enormity of what’s required from explorations through ongoing oil & gas production through custody transfer of the production as it changes ownership.

I had the chance to speak with numerous Emerson folks whom I’ll be featuring in future posts. If you happen to be there in Houston today and tomorrow, give the team a visit over in booth. With the lower price environment in which oil and gas producers now operate, optimizing production costs takes greater priority.

There are many ways these costs can be optimized including integrated operations, improved reliability, efficient project execution, optimized corrosion injection management, and a well-defined cyber security program. Here is the schedule of presentations for today and tomorrow:


For example, Emerson’s Jeff Dymond discusses ways to bring remote expertise to manage abnormal conditions in the iOps session and Bob DiStefano discusses ways to move reliability to top quartile performance.


Here are pictures of some of the action. We’ll have more in interviews and recaps of these presentation sessions in future posts… stay tuned!

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