Best of Both ESG and Efficiency Goals

As more and more oil & gas exploration & production companies look to digitally transform their operations for efficiency and profitability, it may be surprising to learn that the digital oilfield can also help the environment, employee satisfaction, and retention rates. In other words, going digital can help you make significant gains in your ESG strategy.

Having abundant data from monitoring systems is great, and it’s even better when that data is clear, useful, and readily available to authorized users anywhere they may be and at any time. It makes your people feel—and be—more productive. They can concentrate on finding and producing oil and gas instead of calling around to see who has the latest production report on their laptop. Or instead of digging through stacks of paper to find a missing truck haul ticket or wasting time and money to drive to a remotely located site just to “check on things.”

Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions platformEmerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions platform offers the tools to get all that information for you. Advanced analytics lets you remotely view and control assets and offer autonomous rod pump management capability to help users develop a clear path to reaching ESG and efficiency goals. Those can include reducing energy requirements while increasing the efficiency of a site or well pad. It gives you and your people the data required to make better business decisions quickly.

Here’s a great example

One of our customers operated several compression and processing facilities. They knew they needed better data and control to make those remote facilities more efficient. Because of the locations’ distance and the company’s staffing issues, the compressors were often left alone for weeks.

When the technician did arrive, the big machines were often out of commission. Three of the nine units were not working. No one knew how long they’d been down or why. They knew they needed good data—and that required hardware and software which they didn’t have the expertise or time to invest in figuring it all out.

They partnered with the Emerson team and got everything up and running within weeks. The project team installed hardware and trained them to use the Zedi Cloud platform to get valuable insights from their data, set up and manage alarms, and use reporting features to identify optimization opportunities quickly.

Within about two weeks of accurate, real-time data, they discovered that there was no scheduled maintenance set up for any of them. They took action and added the compressors to the database’s maintenance schedule. With remote monitoring and alarming, they could see whenever there was an issue with any of the nine compressors.

The units’ uptime quickly increased by 37 percent.

There are other ways digital transformation can boost scores. By monitoring tank levels, you’ll know when a tank is leaking or when it’s about to overflow, avoid costly fines and cleanups, and save products that the company can sell.

With Zedi pipeline leak detection, it’s much the same—leaks can be costly in product loss, cleanups, and fines. By finding them quickly, you’ll save on both accounts.

Sure, the digital transformation is a big step—more and more companies realize that a qualified partner like Emerson can get them up and running quickly. And their people concentrate on their core business with data that’s faster, more complete, and more useful than ever before.

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