A Leap Forward for Non-Gamma Measurement in the Roxar 2600 Multiphase Flow Meter

Since the launch of our Roxar Rapid Adaptive MeasurementTM software, we’ve continued to build upon its pioneering capabilities. As it assists our customers in tackling the most challenging flow profiles of the day, we prepare for even more demanding environments in the future. This year, we’ve developed an update to Roxar Rapid Adaptive Measurement that enables supercharged capabilities in our non-gamma Roxar 2600 Multiphase Flow Meter.  By taking advantage of the incredible data resolution and modular architecture of the embedded software, we significantly enhance measurement robustness in our non-gamma meter version. This allows performance in a full range of flow conditions from 0-100% gas volume fraction (GVF) and 0-100% water liquid ratio (WLR). These advanced features will equip our customers with a high-quality measurement solution that does not rely on the use of radioactive sources.

The Benefits of Non-Gamma Multiphase Flow Meters

It’s very common for multiphase flow meters to utilize gamma radiation because it provides accurate and precise density measurements in multiphase flow. However, equipment with radioactive components comes with particular considerations. For a number of reasons, our customers sometimes prefer multiphase flow meters that do not utilize a radioactive source.

For example, there are country specific importation needs and licensing and handling requirements to consider when deploying instrumentation with a gamma source in the field. Following these regulatory and statutory requirements can mean spending time and effort on sorting out some extra paperwork.

There are safety, emergency, and environmental considerations as well. For example, periodic wipe tests to ensure that radiation isn’t leaking into the environment are typically required. Rules and regulations also necessitate hiring a trained and certified Radioactive Protection Officer (RPO).  Operators sensitive to health and safety concerns may prefer to avoid radioactive source use where possible.

We know that the industry is putting more emphasis on environmental issues as well, leading operators to carefully consider their use of radioactive sources overall.

When there are such considerations, some operators see a lot of promise in cutting-edge, non-gamma possibilities.

How Rapid Adaptive Measurement Enhances the Non-Gamma Roxar 2600 Multiphase Flow Meter

At Emerson, we’ve delivered a non-gamma multiphase flow meter option to our customers for nearly twenty years. The leading-edge design of our Roxar Multiphase Flow Meter allowed us to perform calculations without the use of gamma density data, producing solid results. As we move and expand the non-gamma functionality onto the advanced Roxar Rapid Adaptive Measurement embedded software platform, we take our non-gamma capabilities to an entirely new level of performance.

Multiphase flow has always been challenging to measure because there are so many factors to consider in the rapidly fluctuating flow regimes of oil, water, and gas. Collecting the raw data measurements is one thing, but analyzing them and interpreting them correctly and quickly enough to ensure robust and reliable output, making a difference in operational capabilities for the end-user, is another thing altogether. Empowering operators with the real-time insights they need to maximize production requires an exceptionally responsive software platform that swiftly reacts to constantly shifting flow conditions.

Roxar Rapid Adaptive Measurement changes the game by taking measurements at 10Hz speed, allowing the flow meter to automatically adapt to changing flow conditions at a rate of 10 times per second. Before Roxar Rapid Adaptive Measurement, this kind of extreme data resolution was unavailable to operators. Our software’s modular architecture executes parallel computation for multiple modules operating simultaneously. Then, built-in automated arbitrators select the most appropriate module depending on the flow regime.

The increased resolution of sample and calculation rate, advanced modular software, and automation with arbitrators means remarkably improved performance in our non-gamma Roxar 2600 Multiphase Flow Meter.

Non-Gamma, High-Quality Measurement Solutions for a Rapidly Adapting World

The evolution of software in multiphase flow technology is exciting for lots of reasons. We’ve found that Roxar Rapid Adaptive Measurement allows us to offer non-gamma measurement performance in the full range of flow conditions, from 0-100% GVF and 0-100% WLR. Out-of-the-box functionality is more powerful, and measurement quality is significantly refined. Before, non-gamma flow meters were typically most suitable for single well applications, but now, they can handle multi-well applications making them more versatile too.

But most of all, we’re excited to be able to continue leading the way with technologies tailored to meet our customers’ constantly evolving needs. We’ve dedicated many years to learning everything we could about the variances of multiphase flow regimes. Now, we’ve leveraged our expertise to create the most advanced software platform in flow metering solutions today. Moving our non-gamma capabilities onto this platform is the next step in our continued commitment to staying at the forefront of environmentally conscious solutions. As the world adapts to new opportunities and possibilities, our customers know they have a partner who will help them rise to the challenges of the future, today.

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