BioPhorum Cell and Gene Therapy Personas and User Stories

Earlier I featured two recent BioPhorum publications in these posts:

BioPhorum Cell & Gene Therapy Personas & User StoriesToday, I’ll highlight the third and final publication, CGT Personas and User Stories, from this release of publications. As with the other two, Emerson’s Sean Buckley was one of the primary authors, along with others from Cytiva, Dassault Systems, Novartis, Roche, Rockwell, and BioPhorum. Many other biopharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers contributed to the BioPhorum IT for Cell and Gene Therapy workstream.

When you register (for free) for this document, you’ll also get an accompanying spreadsheet and presentation. These:

…form a unique toolkit detailing the needs of all the key players involved in end-to-end cell and gene therapy (CGT) processes. It can be used by anyone who wishes to better understand how IT systems can support the manufacture and delivery of CGTs.

This document highlights:

…the relevant organizational units (actors) and roles (personas) for CGT supply are defined and shown in diagrams, prompting readers to identify where those roles sit in their partner ecosystem.

The authors describe the value this toolkit will bring to manufacturers, treatment centers, shipping partners, IT system suppliers, and regulators.

Using these models will accelerate the analysis and design of IT solutions to support CGT supply. These models draw on a wide pool of industry experience, consider the needs of each stakeholder and explain the reasons as well as requirements. The detail is full of nuances and tips based on real-life experience that will smooth the path for others taking this journey.

By adopting the toolkit, IT systems can be developed that will support the needs of the industry, leading to the following benefits:

  • Cost for CGT manufacturers
  • Cost for CGT software vendors
  • Overall time for CGT treatments
  • Flexibility
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integration between systems

Download this toolkit to learn more about what’s different about CGTs, actors and personas for CGT supply, distinctive user stories for CGT supply, and how to use the toolkit.

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