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Non-Intrusive Corrosion and Erosion Systems

For those of you who prefer to receive your information in a video.
Watch our corrosion and erosion expert Jake Davies explain how we can help you monitor corrosion and erosion rates, wirelessly, and without having to drill holes in your pipes

Click here for the video.

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  • This new paradigm of digital transformation is pretty clear; permanently installed sensors on the equipment collecting data automatically more frequently than humans can do it with portable testers; log the data in the historian or control system; trend it to see degradation over time to estimate remaining life, and to detect changes in the rate of degradation indicating changes in the process; alarm when approaching and exceeding limits; do analytics if multiple measurements are required to determine what's going on. This basic principle is the same for corrosion, vibration, temperature, fluid levels, acoustics, pressure drops, and pressure buildup etc. Thanks to digitally networked sensors such as through wireless or fieldbus along with easy to use purpose-built and readymade analytics apps this is easier than ever to achieve. Learn more from this essay: www.linkedin.com/.../real-end-users-analytics-data-scientists-jonas-berge