Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

Enable a Secure Digital Transformation with your ICSA fundamental part in digital transformation planning and execution is the cybersecurity considerations in terms of tools, people and ongoing processes. The industrial control system (ICS) requires particular focus given its strategic role in managing manufacturing and production processes.

On September 14, 1pm EDT webinar, Enable a Secure Digital Transformation with your ICS, Emerson Automation Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer Peter Zornio and Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance & Architecture Michael Lester team up with Dragos CEO Robert M. Lee for a conversation on how to deal with these new challenges and implement a secure digital transformation. Dragos technology and solutions help protect ICS/OT [operational technology] critical infrastructure.

As the number of smart, network-dependent devices in a plant increases, so, too, does the need for access to enterprise-level networks. More connections mean more potential vulnerabilities. And, there is an ever-growing number of bad actors looking to exploit these vulnerabilities through sophisticated cyberattacks.

Peter, Michael and Robert will discuss:

  • Ways to ensure digital transformation projects are cybersecure and securely sending data to enterprise systems and the cloud
  • How to help your workforce adopt and adhere to effective cybersecurity behaviors and practices
  • How Operations Technology (OT) security is different from IT security
  • Best Practices against cyber threats

Register today for the webinar to learn more from experts on building and maintaining strong cyber defenses as you execute your digital transformation initiatives.

Visit the Cybersecurity Protection section on for more on the technologies, services and practices to mitigate cybersecurity-related risks.

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