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Best Tip You've Picked Up?

After two days at the Exchange, what's the best tip you've picked up?

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  • Presentation on Emerson 365 - Online Global Users Exchange.  Joined today- Great Idea.  Let me know how I may assist in Emerson exchange community.

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    Benton, Thanks! Spreading the word and asking folks try posting a question or observation from the Exchange is a great way to help our community grow.

    For anyone that wants to catch the reprise version of "How the Emerson Exchange Online Community Benefits You", Mike Tongwarin and I will be in Bayou B at 9am today (Thurs 10/27)

  • I heard about the new DeltaV S-series H1 fieldbus interface card with integrated power in several sessions including 4-2389 " Fieldbus Trunk to Spur Coupling when using the new SE4017 Fieldbus H1 Card with Integrated FF Power ". It was just recently released and apparently 1,200 cards are already ordered. It eliminates marshalling by letting the fieldbus trunk directly on the H1 card without intermediate marshalling cabinet. I knew this card was coming, but what I did not know - but learned at The Exchange - is that it that measures the output voltage and the current drawn on the bus. This can be used as an additional form of diagnostics. Changes in current drawn could indicate short circuit on a spur or other installation problem. Diagnostics modules or testers connected in parallel cannot do this. It is a nice complement to the communication statistics which is already built into the H1 card and seen from DeltaV diagnostics. Together these diagnostics detect problem on either field device-side or controller cabinet-side of the safety barriers, without adding any hardware.

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