Knowledge base prototype - looking for your thoughts

Check out this powerful tool that helps you find installing, configuring and troubleshooting information about your Emerson products -- its Emerson's knowledge base demo!  The wiki format includes How to articles and videos from Emerson and user experts like you. And, the search and find renders on your smart phone, too!

The knowledge base makes it easier to search and find specific information from across Emerson brands, and the interface helps you filter out what you don't want. Plus, you can add comments to improve the content.  If you like a topic add it to your shopping cart, called MyDocs. Then, can combine it with other topics, print it, publish it to Ebooks, or just store it online for fast reference. Check it out: Emerson knowledge base.

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  • Look for content for Micro Motion, Rosemount and DeltaV - this is just a prototype, so you won't find everything.

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    John, It is terrible job to collect all info and put it to useful format. I am looking forward for later version ( with more data ), but it seems after quick checking interesting and there is too early to comment final solution in this phase. In the past I was thinking about this solution - better improve "search" possibility thru our present google solution ( EPM Intranet Search ) - improve hit rate to find you was looking for. Present problem is that there will be shown results which contain all words, in case of phrase you guessing exact phrase ( not so efficient ).

    I have had and idea to develop any list of "predefined phrases" which will be used during developing documents ( every document should contain "main" phrase or phrase combination which define content of the document ), document will be available for document creator and also end user. I think this this solution can increase hit rate rapidly. I have left this solution at the end, because I think it can be too complicated for management / maintenance...   

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    Great Job! Looks like it has the essential elements that could foster great content!  Video, how-to-articles, manuals!  Search-ability seems decent too, even with the limited content.  Adding comments is easy.

    Formatting needs to be cleaned up a bit (I realize it's beta).  With so much potential content it's easy to get lost in the search results.  Maybe a little "Human centered design" to reduce the clutter and draw focus to the results, and clearly show their potential or quality.  I know that's not easy to do.

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    I noticed this beta "Tool"  is not available anymore.  Is it moving ahead?

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    Hi Travis: our test server crashed. The site is back up but the content has not yet been restored.

    We are working on a comprehensive knowledge base that will incorporate some of the features we introduced in the prototype. would love your input on the project team if you are intersted...What we want to do is give you one place to go for all Emerson knowledge and documentation, and based on our testing at Emerson Exchange we learned that, overwhelmingly, that is what our customers want also.