The State of STEM Education for Girls & STEM Careers for Women

Last week Emerson Automation Solutions sponsored the Texas Women & Girls in STEM Summit in Austin, TX. Three of our Women in STEM leaders spoke on the Power of Mentoring, STEM Education and Women's Affinity Groups and another of our members volunteered to lead an activity lab and teach other organizations and companies how to roll out experimental concepts similar to Emerson's STEM in a Box for students. As we near 2019, the number of girls pursuing STEM education and Women pursuing STEM careers, especially engineering, continues to underwhelm. Here are the latest statistics:

Do you work for or volunteer with an organization dedicated to promoting the importance of K-12 STEM education for girls or mentoring and communities for Women in STEM? Please share the name and a link to resources with others in our burgeoning Women in STEM Community by replying below. 

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Rachelle McWright: Business Development Manager, Dynamic Simulation: U.S. Gulf Coast

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  • Yes! I have been wanting to connect Emerson, and our Women in STEM, to a group I volunteer with in Austin called Latinitas ( They work on empowering girls to innovate through media and technology. They probably could benefit from a similar activity lab from one of our mentors/volunteers!