Pop up "Confirmation " Message in PID loop faceplate


We want to create a pop confirmation message (yes/No) in CAS mode button of PID loop template. PCSD_Loop_50_FP   Can any one help with coding? We tried but code runs only once.

  • Nilesh,
    It sounds like you may only be editing the first faceplate.

    DeltaV Operate only allows one copy of any graphic name to be on-screen at one time. In order to allow multiple faceplates of the same type to be on-screen, DeltaV Operate creates 3 copies of each faceplate and stores them in the \pic\temp\faceplate folder. It appends a 1, 2 or 3 to the end of the faceplate name. DeltaV Operate calls the original and the 3 copies in sequence whenever it needs that faceplate type. Because of this you may find that every fourth time you call the faceplate, your new code will run properly.

    If this is the problem you can easily create the updated copies of your modified faceplate by running the "Update popup pictures" utility in the "DeltaV Utilities" toolbar. You will need to enable the "DeltaV Utilities" toolbar, then close any open pictures before clicking the icon that looks like a white faceplate.
    I hope this helps.