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Batch prompt pop up configuration using script


I want to set filtering of Batch unacknowledged prompts based on Units. Can anybody help me how we can set the option shown in attachment using script? This option will be set in edit mode of graphics.

This will be a dynamo. Unit name will be available on dynamo form. 

Thanks in advance. Quick response is highly appreciated.

Thanks and BR


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  • You have to have the Use Current Context check box selected, and then you will need to have script set the Object.CurrentContext to what you want.

    For example: If your wanted to filter based on TEST_UNIT on an object named DVBPrompts you would need the below code when the picture opened or when a button is clicked to show the prompts ActiveX control

    DVBPrompts.CurrentContext = ps_UnitName4.CurrentValue

    where dynamo variable name ps_UnitName4 would be set to "TEST_UNIT" for the Unit