Events time not synchronizing


I´m experiencing a strange issue with one of my redundant controllers. The time stamp of the events of this controller are not synchronizing with my proplus, to fix this I have to perform a software switch over between them twice, by doing this I force them to ask the master NTP for the time and they get the correct one. This solution worked the first time for almost one year but the last time that I performed that procedure it only worked for less than a month. Did someone had the same issue? or can someone give me some hints on what could be happening.


  • This is really a question for the GSC. To get a useful answer, you need to provide the DeltaV System revision and the firmware version of the controllers, and check that the Master Time server version is also at the same version. The issue could be due to a mismatch in firmware versions and we need to eliminate this first.

    Andre Dicaire

  • In reply to Andre Dicaire:

    Thank you Andre,
    I already open a case in the GSC but they are taking some time in giving me an answer, regarding the firmware in the controllers and the Master Time Server they are both with the latest firmware and hotfix installed. In the controllers the firmware version and in my Proplus (which is the Master Timer Server) the hotfix DELTAV_1231_CTRL_P_11_CSS.