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DeltaV Services suddenly stopped. After reboot now it is not starting showing Error 1053

Dear All,

We are facing issue in our OPC servers (Total 4, 2 OPC server used as CIMIO server for IP21 and 2 OPC server used as interface between TGS and DCS through Matrikon OPC ).

All the server were running without issue since long time. Suddenly from last month end we are facing issue in OPC Server. Suddenly DeltaV service stopped and after Reboot that service is not starting. It is showing Error 1053

One of the OPC server Emerson vendor formatted everything and we installed CIMIO that machine started working OK. but we can not do the same for other station kindly suggest some solution.

Same problem Emerson vendor has raised in GSC.

Thanks & Regards,

Markand Joshi 

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  • We have also some problem to comunicate with Aspen Tech IP21 via CimIO.
    When we install a newer DeltaV fix than WS_15, the CimIO stop, if we write some parameter from IP21 (put record). Read

    We also struggle with some redundancy OPC problem between ABB and DeltaV with DeltaV remote. We have DeltaV 12.3.1 (even remote)

    Does the hotfixes make any changes that gives the OPC Communication problems??
  • In reply to EmilPersson:

    Emerson vendor has installed some hotfixes related to Windows Operating system (2003 R2).
  • In reply to Markand Joshi:

    We roll back that hotfixes and took reboot still DeltaV services is not starting. Please suggest some solution for the same.
  • In reply to Markand Joshi:

    Windows event 1053 is a log entry indicating a Windows Service has failed to start in a timely manner.
    The DeltaV Windows Service itself might be failing to start and/or their are services upon which it depends that are failing to start.
    You might try looking at events preceding the 1053 entry.

    Its possible that the Microsoft Hotfixes removed a Network Adapter or the configuration of one. This was a known issue with some March 2018 hotfixes for Server 2008R2 which Emerson pulled from the approval list after they were detected.

    I would investigate the network connectivity of the server from a physical and configuration standpoint to see if any alterations were made by the hotfixes.

    As a catchall fix:

    You might try to rerun Workstation configuration with a fresh Workstation Config file from the Proplus.

    On Proplus
    Open DeltaV Explorer
    Menu > File > Export > Workstation Configuration ... Save the devdata.cfg to a location on the Proplus, then get that file to the Application station

    On Application Station
    Start > DeltaV Installation > Workstation Configuration ( Altenatively Command Prompt > "pcinstall")
    Select the DevData.cfg from the Proplus then follow the prompts.
    You will be asked to enter the DeltaVAdmin Password and Reboot at the end of this process.

    If these procedures fail to correct your symptoms then your next step is providing the output of the DeltaV Data Collector Tool to the Global Support Center so they can perform a deeper analysis