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Connecting instrumentation devices to DeltaV Charm


I am wondering if anyone could explain how to connect a certain device (such as a micro switch) to a DeltaV Charm?


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  • Hello,

    If you look in Books OnLine, you will find wiring diagrams for each CHARM type. Books OnLine can be found from the Help menu in DeltaV Explorer, or from the Start Menu: Start--> All Programs --> DeltaV --> Help --> Books Online.

    Once into Books OnLine, click on the Contents tab. Navigate as follows: Hardware Installation --> DeltaV S-series and CHARMS Hardware Reference (not Installation) --> CHARMs I/O subsystem specifications.

    Once you navigate to that level, you will see the CHARM types and a lot of information about them. In your case, you can look at the Discrete Input CHARMs Specifications category. Each of the topics in that category include a description, specifications, and a wiring diagram.

    I hope this solves your problem.