Triggered Profile Memory Buffer

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Reference Positioner: DVC6200 PD 

If I enable triggered profile, how much trigger events its buffer can hold?

Suppose, there is a chance that there will be two to three different trigger events in 24 hours at different times. Will it hold data for all of them or only the last one? Does the last trigger event overwrites the previous one or is it necessary to clear the buffer first in order to let the next trigger event to be recorded?



  • Triggered Profile
    The DVC6200 HW2/DVC6000 HW2 PD tier can record and store live data inside the instrument when the configured
    trigger thresholds have been exceeded.
    For a throttling control valve, you should trigger off of travel deviation. If the travel deviates from set point for the
    percentage and time specified, the digital valve controller will record triggered data to the device buffer for the
    specified length of time. Thirty to sixty seconds is a good time period to start with. The device buffer can hold
    approximately 20 minutes of triggered data. This triggered function does not affect control, it is a read only function.

    From: Instruction Manual Supplement D104354X012 DVC6200 HW2 Digital Valve Controller

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  • In reply to Craig Jeane:

    Hi Craig

    Thanks a lot for your response. I will request some clarity though.

    So, if it can hold around 20 minutes of triggered data, then is it able to store multiple triggered profiles if activated at different times? Or it just stores the last one and overwrites it as soon as the other one is available?


  • In reply to Shaiq Bashir:

    Dear Shaiq,

    As Craig has replied correctly, Multiple triggers can be captured within the FIELDVUE instruments at different times. The Trigger Record Length time setting decides how long each captured triggered event will be. Example, a 60sec setting will allow approximately 20 different events.
    Here is video explanation on how to setup Triggered Profile and where the above setting applies;

    In addition I have requested our local sales team to contact you for further support. Thank you.

    - Saurabh Pathak