Wireless Applications in Power

This new article entitled “Wireless applications in power: No wires, no limits” was recently published in Combined Cycle Journal. It summarizes a discussion that a coworker led at the recent Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum (CTOTF.)

I thought I would share this article with you because wireless seems to be a particularly interesting and hot topic. And it’s nice to see it discussed within the context of a power plant. The discussion focused on three primary areas:
- Field Networks
- Security
- Plant Networks

If you have any experience or insight regarding wireless at power plants, I am hoping you would be willing to share them in this discussion.

2 Replies

  • Hi Greg, i find this is a good article and would like to publish it in the PWS AP employee newsletter (May issue). Will it be ok to publish this in the customer newsletter too?

  • In reply to sartiniayop:

    Hi Tini – it is okay to write a brief introduction/summary, and then use the CCJ website link to the article for both of your newsletters. But you cannot copy/paste the entire article (or make a PDF of it) because it is owned and copyrighted by Combined Cycle Journal.