Better Ways to Design and Organize Product Selection Efforts for Future Reference

 Emerson’s Seth Natala and Dan Cychosz show how to apply new engineering design tools when selecting a DP flow meter and other instrumentation.

Anyone who has tried to troubleshoot an equipment problem might have wondered how a specific piece was selected in the first place. This happens because few companies have a useful mechanism for gathering and organizing such information. The selection process information might be lost for not only repair and maintenance purposes, but also for future selection of similar instruments.

There is now an answer for this challenge, and we discuss it in our article in the August issue of Flow Control. The article focuses on DP flow meters as an example, but the same methodology can apply to any instrument selection. The answer involves a centralized, cloud-based selection and data management system.

A cloud-based digital workspace and data management platform, accessible by everyone, has multiple benefits. This allows an engineer (or technician, procurement person, department manager, etc.) to design a personalized space, while working in a larger context where everything can be saved and indexed to support collaboration. Realizing and implementing this should involve several key areas. Some are designed to support a specific individual and should allow for customization, while others should be accessible by multiple individuals and even various departments. This calls for consistency in presentation and procedures.

As a case in point, when an engineer is tasked with selecting a DP flow meter, the system will include all the necessary design tools for this specific selection process, and it will retain the operational parameters used to make the final choice. This system is MyEmerson Personalized Digital Experience, and it is a suite of digital tools that deliver measurable productivity gains through streamlined processes and elevated collaboration. It documents the entire thought process, making it available to others for review and future reference.

Digital engineering tools like these help engineers collaborate, gain confidence in evolving industries and streamline time-consuming manual processes. With online sizing, selection and configuration tools for instrumentation, valves, actuators, fluid control, pneumatic and electrical solutions, engineers can confidently and accurately specify solutions for their unique requirements and process conditions. By employing digital tools, engineers can configure instrumentation up to 93% faster, potentially saving dozens of engineering hours annually per instrument.

The article goes into more detail on how all the MyEmerson elements fit together, plus it offers some practical pointers on selecting DP flow meters, such as Emerson’s Rosemount 3051SFP Integral Orifice Flow Meter.

What’s the situation at your facility? Is the product selection process, along with many other routine engineering functions, done manually without collaboration or documentation? Given tools like MyEmerson, the old-fashioned way is now the hard way.

Visit the MyEmerson and DP Flow Measurement pages at for more on these technologies and solutions. You can also connect and interact with other engineers in the Chemical, Oil & Gas, and other groups at the Emerson Exchange 365 community.



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