VIDEO: Digital Transformation: Let's Start from the Top (or the Bottom)

The first step to enabling Digital Transformation is understanding your automation goals & your starting point. In this video,  I explain how to leverage Emerson's expertise and IIoT technology to help solve everything from single application pain points  to plant-wide architecture challenges. 

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  • I personally agree. For this reason the first step is a workshop identify the challenges/opportunities in reliability & maintenance, integrity, energy & emissions, HS&E, and production – which might be due to manual and paper-based practices, so access digital maturity level. Now you can discover and create solutions.

    Next you can prioritize applications, define scope, and analyze the business case for value proposition to plan the digital transformation roadmap

    As a third step you can select architecture and technology. You often find on-prem/edge is a more suitable than IIoT/cloud. And you might find first principles and FMEA based analytics more suitable than AI/M/Big Data anomaly detection.

    Also note that most plants have lots of PROCESS data, but too little EQUIPMENT data. That's why in the design phase we need to figure out what additional sensors are need: vibration, corrosion, acoustic noise, position etc.

    Then comes installation, configuration, baseline, integration, and commissioning

    Don’t forget management of change: communicate the vision, rewrite SOPs, training, and change mindset – many of which happen throughout the project

    Learn how other plants get started from this essay: