VIDEO: How to Build Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Companies look towards digital transformation to improve the reliability of their equipment, reduce costs, improve worker efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their process and equipment. In this video, I will explain how digital transformation is a journey that is best started with small projects that are aimed at quick and easy wins. As these early projects prove successful, plant staff can then scale-up to larger and more ambitious projects, as well as improve the base infrastructure, such as wireless networks and pervasive sensing technologies.

Looking to start your Digital Transformation journey or have questions about the process? Start a discussion or ask a question by replying below and my team and I, , will work with you to improve your process.

Shane Hale | Global Business Development Director - Rosemount Wireless | Emerson Automation Solutions | T +1 952 204 4737 | M +1 713 447 2839

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  • Plants start their digital transformation journey from manual and paper-based tasks to automatic, digital, software-based, and data driven ways of working with a discovery workshop to uncover the challenges of each department like reliability, maintenance, integrity, production, quality, safety, and energy etc. Based on this a roadmap for the digital transformation can be developed. From there the proper building blocks like operational dashboards and notifications, predictive analytics, wireless sensors, connected services, and security is engineered. Learn how other plants have done it from this essay: