List of Women and Minority Scientists and Inventors - Great for Schools!

Last night my daughter came home from school discussing a new project they are doing on inventors and scientists.  She said she had to dress up like Orville Wright and do a paper on him.  When I asked why she chose him, she said they had a list to choose from and there were only 3 women on the list (and over 20 girls in the class).  So most the girls have to dress up like boys for this project.  I was a bit flabbergasted at this and immediately asked if she knew who Heddy Lamar was.  After she researched it, she was amazed and it led to several hours of us researching other women.  Her teacher was thrilled to get a list and then challenged me to find more minorities as well.  I reached out to my STEM friends and compiled this list.  Its suitable for elementary schools (I did omit some scientists who while amazing, were more difficult to explain).   This might also be a good list for Black History Month (Tyson deLagrasse is great, but there are many more!).   Please feel free to share with your schools - its an inspiring list!