What Professional Development Goal do you ‘Resolve’ to Achieve in 2019?

I recently read the article, Five New Year’s Resolutions for your Career in 2019. The resolution that resonates for me from the article is to, ‘Become more accountable with my goals by writing out the gradual stepping stones required to get to each goal.’ I’m a natural BIG ideas person which means I often get trapped in the little details when it comes to actually executing all of my goals. Writing each gradual step will help me think things through more.

I’d love to hear what everyone’s professional resolutions are for 2019 whether on this list or otherwise. What will you commit to achieving in 2019?

Chelsea McGovern

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  • I've never been classified as being necessarily risk-adverse, but it's easy for us to be satisfied having mastered a certain set of skills. Thus, I'd like to define my 2019 as the year I, "Say Yes to What Scares Me." I want to step out of my comfort zone professionally and personally and tackle new and exciting challenges. I want to not just step into -- but leap at big opportunities (no matter how big the stretch) and see just how far I can run...

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    Rachelle McWright: Business Development Manager, Dynamic Simulation: U.S. Gulf Coast

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    I love your goal!  I think we all benefit when we make a habit of stepping out of our comfort zone.  That's how we find "Unknown unknowns".  So exciting and I can't wait to hear what changes come for you from this new practice!  Please keep us up to date.

  • My career related resolution is to "Resolve to build your network". I have only dabbled at my online presence in LinkedIn and my memberships with PinkPetro and Women in Energy Network. I always tell myself I am too busy to update my profile or attend events. This year I will make Networking a priority and connect with new people. I have been "The Only Woman in the Room" for most of my career and it's only recently I have learned about the professional networking opportunities for women in our field. T