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Have to configure AI block for 12-20mA instead of 4-20mA AI signals

Hello All,

In the project I am working, we have some AI HART signals which has a range from 12-20 mA instead of 4-20 mA. The PV scale is 0-7500. Can we put the L-type to Indirect and set the XD_SCALE to 50-100 % and also set the low cutoff bypass in  IO_OPTS. Will this be the correct solution ??

Any ideas or information anyone has about this would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Try below configuration:
    AI1/XD_SCALE: -7500 to +7500 EU (or 0 to 100 %) as per your preference
    AI1/OUT_SCALE: -7500 to 7500 EU
    AI1/LOW_CUT: 0 (Low cutoff I/O option enabled)

    If parameter used in PVbar animation on faceplate is AI1/OUT_SCALE or any other parameter which is internal reference to AI1/OUT_SCALE then break this connection and make top level PV_SCALE as separate scaling parameter configured as:
    PV_SCALE: 0 to 7500 EU
  • In reply to vmvmhatre:

    These are for AI modules and not PID modules. So I wouldn't be able to show -7500 - 7500 Range.