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Offset Loss of Personnel Experience with Expert Services from Emerson

 As personnel in industrial plants have retired or changed positions, plant managers are relying on staff with far less in-the-field experience, and sometimes fewer of them. This significant shift in worker expertise has also changed the relationship between industrial plants and their suppliers. In the past, plant management has been more reactive and ordered instruments on an as needed basis. Today, suppliers are adding services and levels of problem-solving in order to become true operational partners to their customers. By shifting from reactive to proactive problem-solving, plants are able to offset some of the expertise they have lost through Emerson’s Lifecycle Services for Rosemount products.

Lifecycle Services provides customers with the expertise, technology and processes that can help you operate safely, improve asset reliability and optimize process capabilities. Our maintenance services keep your plant operating safely, consistently and economically. Improve your asset reliability and preserve your investment by utilizing our reliability services. And optimize your plant performance and achieve your business goals with our performance services.

This video shows you some of the ways a plant can take advantage of Lifecycle Services to optimize operations while saving money.

Where are your operations primarily stressed by loss of personnel experience?