DVC-6200 SIS Positioner - Change Input Configuration

Dear Experts,

We have positioner as below.

Before replacement, our DCS is configured 4mA to full open, 20 mA to full close with DVC6010. After we replace with new DVC6200 SIS Relay C, then we want to change configure Input Range High = 4mA and Input Range Low = 20 mA in DVC6200 to avoid the reverse status with DCS and valve at site. (DCS is not allowed to changed). 

BTW, we can't change Input Range High and Input Range Low sucessful. Could you please advise me? Many thanks.

Model: DVC6200-SIS
Input: 4-20 mA
Output Signal: Single direct Relay C
Power supply; I I to 30 VDC
Air supply: 0-10 bar
Magnet Assemblies; SSTEM #100 ASSEMBLY (f00
m]n / 4 INCH)
- Supply and output pressure gauges
- Supply Pressure: l/4" NPT intemal and integral pad for
mounting 67CFR r€gulator
- Output Pressure: l/4" FNPT
- Electrical connection: l/2" FNPT
Electrical Housing (Stainless steel housing): IP66,
Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-proof, Division 2, Dust Ignition-proof

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  • You can reverse action through DCS, which is more common or with DVC electronically can be configured to reverse. but this will change when electrical signal to DVC is lost. If you need to have permanent reversal of air action for single acting actuator, you can use "Reverse B Relay". For double acting actuator, please change porting connection to get reverse air action. PLEASE NOTE FAIL SAFE ACTION WILL BE dictated by actuator type DIRECT or REVERSE.
  • In reply to Riyaz Ali:

    Dear Mr. Rijaz,

    Many thanks for your advise. My issues are below:
    - Before: Valve is used with DVC-6010. It's mean that DVC-6010 and Valve is reverse. Therefore, to achieve the operation, the DCS engineer programmed reversely to adapt.
    - After: Valve is used with DVC-6200. Therefore, the valve will not operate as operator's requirement. Meanwhile DCS program is not allowed to change anymore.
    We think about solution to change configuration in DVC-6200 SIS to help valve to work correctly (not reverse with operation purpose).

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  • In reply to Truyen:

    Dear Mr. Khoi,
    Was the DVC6010 for control application?
    If you don't mind, can i have your email address to understand your needs more clearly.