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DeltaV simulator

Hello there,

Im expert in PLC, SCADA programming and trying to enter into the DeltaV world! What's the best solution to have a DeltaV system installed on my computer for training purposes? Is there any demo version?


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  • Hi, for that purpose you will need a standalone deltav simulate  dongle key, it will enable you to do downloads and test logics.
    Luis Navas
  • In reply to Luis Navas:

    Thank you Luis,
    Does a stand alone simulator give me the access to online books on Gaurdian support as well?
  • Hi,
    If you have DeltaV installed then you have the Books online files, (.chm files). Now if you have a Guardian support contract you can ask for them as well.
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    No Luis, I don't have a DeltaV system ID. I was wondering if I get one when I purchase a "DeltaV simulator" to access Gaurdian. All I want is accessing to online books for self training. As I said, I'm an expert PLC and SCADA programmer so don't need any training class.
    I really don't understand why Emerson is limiting access to online book to only those have a system ID! They should encourage people to learn more about their systems like DeltaV.
    Thanks again.
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    Hi Luis Navas,

    I also have DeltaV Simulate at my uni. But I dont have any idea how to download without having the actual deltaV controller. Is there any tutorial available online?

  • hi
    you can assign module to P+
    then download module