Upskilling for Increased Manufacturing Productivity

How many times have you used a high technology device such as a smart phone or watch, only to discover a much easier/better way to do something after being shown how? This productivity improvement could have come from someone showing you, coming upon a write up or video, or formal training.

For those new to manufacturing and production or those more seasoned coming upon new automation technology, training can play an important role in upskilling to gain the productivity benefits.

In a Control Engineering article, Continuing education advances process control, instrumentation productivity, editor Mark Hoske interviews Emerson’s Steve Tooley and Blaine Williams on the importance of hands-on learning to get the most value from automation technology. This education helps during specification, integration and ongoing use of the automation technology.

 Steve describe the interactive plant environments (IPEs), which:

… provides a safe training environment using more than 400 automation devices and products and more than 500 input/output (I/O) points…

These Emerson courses are designed to enhance the learner’s training experience for Rosemount products simulating real-life plant situations. These IPEs are instrumented with:

…pressure, flow, level, temperature, corrosion, flame and gas, liquid analysis, and gas chromatography. The facility allows instructors to set up realistic situations with hardware and software after classroom and bench training using 15 tanks and vessels, in three levels [at the Shakopee, Minnesota facility].

At this and other IPEs, types of courses include:

…device commissioning, calibration, and figuring out if a challenging measurement point is valid. They also review safety permits and required tools to complete different work orders and operate plants more efficiently.

Blaine notes that these facilities are not just for training.

Beyond formal or customized training, some customers schedule time in the facility to integrate and try various combinations of devices, equipment, systems, or software prior to purchase.

Read the article for more on some of the specific classroom, benchtop and hands-on tasks and scenarios that are performed as part of the training sessions.

Visit the Interactive Plant Environment – Rosemount Instrumentation section on for more on the specific courses and locations available for your upskilling needs. You can also connect and interact with other measurement device experts in the Measurement Instrumentation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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